Can Man Live On Social Media Alone? The Challenge starts now!

The Challenge is on!

Daphne has arrived into a snowy chilly London and Martin is now in warmer climates in Singapore. 

Here's the lowdown on what this is all about:

Can Man Live Alone on Social Media is a daring cross-city social experiment to evaluate whether one intrepid traveller can depend on nothing but the goodwill of locals and the power of social media to survive in a foreign city for one week.  From 9 – 15 February, Daphne (#CanManSG) and Martin (#CanManLondon) will trade cities, power up their social media channels and prepare for the best (or worst).

Along with the clothes on their back, they get to choose ten items to bring with them to aid their survival in a foreign land, this kit and a Noka Lumia 800 Smartphone is all they have.

Martin displays his survival kit above! What would you have in yours?

Daphne and Martin will also be issued daily tasks, which will be posted on their Facebook walls. In the spirit of social good, the tasks will be charitable in nature and will help raise awareness around specific causes within the respective city. Good luck guys.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. They need you!

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