Serious about Online Child Protection

Little girl onlineWe're proud to have Dominic Sparkes, MD of interactive community management company Tempero, as today's guest blogger.

As soon as you start talking about child safety and the internet, a number of issues start to appear. Socialising online is now firmly a part of modern living for young people and as a growing medium it's inevitable marketers will want to engage their audience via the mediums they are using.

The government is taking online child safety seriously and rightly so. They recently set up the UK Council for Child Internet Safety  and have provided guidance to the industry to enable self-regulation. This has left the marketing industry responsible for navigating a complex web of guidance and law when executing online campaigns which children may encounter.

We firmly believe that process, practice, law and guidance can be packaged up in such as way that self-regulation with regard to child safety becomes easier and ideally, second nature.

Our best practice guide, developed in conjunction with Econsultancy, published in July of this year, will help marketers protect children whilst achieving their goals effectively and efficiently.

Dominic Sparkes Tempero MDThis guest post was written by Dominic Sparkes, Managing Director at Tempero.


Picture courtesy of 43 Zero. Some rights reserved.