Scale Your Startup in Asia with Hong Kong's StartmeupHK Competition

Hong Kong by Barbara Willi

Is your startup targeting the Asian market? The 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme offers a US$500,000 package of support for the 12 competition winners looking to setup in Hong Kong, recently cited as number one for startups by Forbes.

InvestHK, the organisers, give more information,

"The StartmeupHK Venture Programme is a global competition for high-impact, innovative and scalable startups who aims to expand their businesses globally from Hong Kong."

What You Could Win

The competition provides the equivalent of US$500,000 in benefits including:

  • Sponsored Trip to Hong Kong
  • Business and Investment Opportunities
  • Expert Market Insights
  • High Level Mentorship
  • Media Exposure Opportunities

How to Apply

The entry criteria for the programme is:

  1. Category One - Early to growth stage ventures with revenue and/or significant users/customers

  2. Category Two - Startups at the concept and prototype stage with no revenue

The organisers have produced a video to help put together a compelling application. The deadline for entries is 31st July.

Photo (cc) Barbara Willi on Flickr.


StartupsHK .....great place to energize 7x24

It would be great to see a breakdown of the $500,000 by category starting with cash versus advisory services.

Is it value added or market information etc ?

regardless it's a great offer if you need some help in Hong Kong


Prizes: Sponsored Trip + In-Kind Prizes

@Mark - the prizes look to be in-kind e.g. the sponsored trip to Hong Kong, mentorship, advice, etc. The team at InvestHK will be able to flesh out the details if you have queries.