Waspit's Digital Mission: The Buzz of the Big Apple


Waspit has just spent the last week in New York for the Digital Mission with Chinwag and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).

It was one of the busiest weeks I have had, running up and down town for meetings, participating in the Ad:Tech event with over 260 US companies, functions every night and 12 hour days!

The UKTI and Chinwag worked so hard and put in so much effort to make the event an absolute success and more than worthwhile for all the companies involved.  The week was packed with invaluable meetings and events.

All of the 19 companies bought something completely different to the table and really showcased the diversity and creativity of the UK technology space. 

Whilst there we were introduced to many of the big players in the space, and is it surprising the speed at which they move.  One moment you are having a wine and casually telling someone about Waspit, the next you’re in their office discussing strategies.  The US operates completely differently, but when you're only around for a week it is better that way.

It was my first business trip of the sort and it was a fantasic experience, especially experiencing the US market.

My week started with a late flight into NY, and the front page of the paper included an article about the bomb scare at Newark Airport (where I flew into...didn’t read the article needless to say!)

From the 9am start on the Monday with the MasterClass in USA business, a morning packed with people from a variety of sectors giving their 2 cents on the current environment.  We met people from notable companies like Pepsi, Mashable, and HBO.  There were many networking events, which are the best place to make contacts.

HMS Daring

Two days of Ad:Tech, networking on the HMS Daring, ABC studios to the final pitch to investors on the last night made the event a memorable one.

Waspit got a lot of positive feedback and general excitement surrounding our product and we met some invaluable people. 

With the infrastructure laid out by Chinwag and UKTI it was the perfect environment for Waspit was able to announce the launch of our new product BuzzPay, contactless mobile payments in conjunction with MasterCard. 

I highly recommend applying for the next Mission!

Photo (cc) Joisey Showaa & Andrew Fawcett-Wolf.