Chinwag's 4-Step Guide for Brilliant Event Promotion


The benefits of hosting and running an event are obvious. In one fail swoop, your influential speakers will draw in guests who could end up being potential partners, consumers or even investors.

Your event will be the toast of the digital town, elevating your brand in a dynamic way. The only drawback? The niggly fact that everybody wants a slice of the events pie. So what to do?

In such an overcrowded market, strategic planning and promotion can see your event being firmly pencilled into the diaries of those that matter. But navigating the choppy waters of promotions can be tricky for even the savviest of marketers, so we've come up with four easy ways to promote your event.

#1. Don't be boring and do your research

This may seem obvious but all the promotion in the world can't hide an ill-thought-out event.

Once you've decided to create an event with a scintillating subject give it an interesting name. Think "JavaScript Nuts'n'Bolts" (real) and not "Conference, Debate and Speech on Technology in 2011" (not real).

Start reading popular blogs like TechCrunch, NextWeb and Mashable to get an idea of the kind of people who are leading the tech debate as they could be possible speakers at your event.

#2.List your event

Take advantage of websites such as Linkedin, Eventbrite, LanyrdPlancast and of course Chinwag and post up details of your event, accessing a mammoth web community, for free.

Remember, once again, wording is everything. The title of your event for instance will not only be a great signposting for your event but a searchable tool for prospective attendees. Keep this in mind when writing copy.

#3. Get social

We quite like social media and think that with the right tweets, facebook updates or blogs you can create a dialogue around your event which is essential for making your event seem credible and creating sought after buzz.

#4. Get some competitive edge

Another great way of creating buzz could be to set up a competition to win tickets to your event. You could even offer something more inventive for potential winners like a CV Clinic with one of your more dynamic speakers.

Consider finding partners blogs, magazines or forums where you could give away tickets or running something in tandem, such as special discounts or extra event goodies.

If all this has piqued your interest consider adding your event to our listing page and let us know about the best (or worst event) you've been to this year.

Photo (cc) Stu Willis