SME Growth Hack - Build - Brick by Brick.

Build. Brick.

Chinwag have partnered with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) for Global Entrepreneurship Week, a cornerstone of which is a free event entitled SME Growth Hack: Build. Promote. Sell. Inspire.

It takes place on 21 November in Shoreditch, London.

If you are an entrepreneur or SME with a fast-growing UK business with export potential, book your free ticket.

That ticket includes lunch, coffee, panels, case studies and a demo exhibition of companies that will make business life a breeze. The day is split into four sections: build, promote, sell and inspire.

The Build element will focus on:

  • How to build a business
  • Hiring/Firing
  • Scaling
  • Premises
  • Management
  • Accounts
  • Tax
  • Understanding when to plough on, and when to quit

Building your SME brick by brick is key to succeeding but can take a lot of time and money. With that in mind we thought we would offer some online tools that can help...

1. Xero

Xero is accounting made easy, send your own invoices, balance your finances and accounts, keep on top of late payments, you name it Xero does it (Well not the dishes, but boy if it could...) This is one of our firm favourites, and if you haven’t tried it, do. 

2. QuoteRoller

 Legal can be a real low, but with QuoteRoller you can make your own templates, put in half an hour of set up and you will then need less than four minutes to get a contract sent out. If you are sending multiple contracts this is just a dream. Trust me, I couldn’t live without it at this point.

3. MarketInvoice

Who needs a bank loan? Not S-ME! MarketInvoice loan SME’s the funds while they wait for an invoice to be paid. Not only that but they are working with the Government to invest directly into SME’s. Check out what they are doing it is brilliant.

You can check out our full list of Social Tools here. Did we miss one? Let us know right here.

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