Digital Mission to New York 2013: What's Happening, More Companies and Deadline Approaches

Back in December we announced the first set of companies that will be joining us for the Digital Mission to New York in February this year. 

We are very excited to not only let you know the next lucky group of companies coming along on the trip, but also to let you take a sneaky peak at the mission agenda

With an investor roundtable, masterclass in doing business in the USA, a traditional British pub quiz as well as all the keynotes, showcases and presentations that are being held as part of Social Media Week NYC the mission companies are not going to be short on events to go to and people to meet. You can take a look at the full agenda for the week here.

Over the festive period we have been busily confirming the next group of companies that will be joining the mission group for this jam-packed week, you can check them out below.

There are now a very limited amount of spaces left for the trip, if you want to be one of the lucky ones that come along, you can still apply - but only for the next 2 weeks. The deadline for applications is 6pm on Friday 18th January. Also, don't forget if you are a London based firm wanting to come along, UKTI London have up to 20 grants of £500 available as a contribution towards the trip.

Paul Quelch  Twitter

Ether Books is a new Mobile Social Technology platform that connects Writers and Readers globally. Ether publishes "made for mobile " quick reads" of <6,000 words straight to Smartphones. Ether monetises content for Writers, and solves the huge problem for Writers of where to get published and paid when writing something short. Ether delights mobile consumers with original content that is the PERFECT length for reading on the go. Ether Books is a new Mobile Social Technology platform that connects Writers and Readers globally. Ether publishes "made for mobile " quick reads" of  <6,000 words straight to Smartphones. is a free, secure and scalable web publishing platform. Our solutions include personalised startpages, desktop dashboards and web browser toolbars. Our products are used by public libraries, universities and government agencies in the UK to produce single startpages, portals and micro-sites which promote products and services, engage with users and enhance web experiences.

Through the platforms control panel you can specify how your products look and feel. The platform is template driven with numerous different template versions to allow you to achieve the look and feel you require from both a design and branding perspective. The control panels permissions hierarchy and design tools make it possible for any member of the organisation to make updates to specific apps with no previous programming knowledge required and then publish in real time. 


Robert Proctor Twitter

Audioboo is the sound of social.

Audioboo are a mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and share audio for your friends, family or the rest of the world to hear.

With nearly 3m unique users and growing by 50% per month, the Audioboo social network, is set to become the preeminent destination for audio and spoken word content on the web.

Decibel Technology Ltd

Ben Harriscynanatnerv [dot] co [dot] uk ( )Twitter

Decibel Analytics gives marketers unique and insightful data to improve the performance of their websites, across all devices, to generate more leads and sales. The new patent-protected software, created by a team of academics and marketers in Tech City, London, provides powerful website performance metrics that can be used by seasoned and novice marketers, without the need for any training.

Decibel also provides enterprise-level WCM (Web Content Management) that radically increases the speed and accuracy of web development, saving developers time and increasing their productivity. It is free for developers to download and learn online and gives website owners control and flexibility never seen before. Decibel is used in more than 20 countries. 


Andrew Needham  Twitter 

Face is a strategic research agency. We deliver social intelligence for brands to help them create lifelong customer relationships, using a mix of qualitative research, real time social data and smart thinking.

Our aim is to make companies, organizations and brands more socially intelligent by helping them to understand and co-create with people at an individual, group and network level. Pulsar is our new research and planning platform giving brands a unique view of the customer across all of their online interactions.

The initial application is Pulsar TRAC, revolutionary social media research software that is changing the way we collect, analyze and visualize data. Pulsar TRAC searches the social web not only by keywords (tracking) but also by reach (visibility), audiences (mapping) and content (diffusion).

A series of “Visibility” algorithms estimate and weight the reach of messages, presenting a more realistic data set. Advanced filters allow unprecedented granular data mining. Pulsar UX is based on the data canvas concept: full-blown, real-time, interactive data visualizations to help data mining with your eyes and hands.

Matter Of Form

Anant Sharma  Twitter

Matter Of Form are a digital creative agency specialising in interactive campaigns, e-commerce, web and mobile development, seo and online marketing.

They also invest in and incubate tech-startup business, equity subsidising their development solutions and enabling more attractive funding rounds.


Nikhil Shahlucyatsyqic [dot] com ( )Twitter

Mixcloud is the home for on-demand radio online. The popular, easy to use service helps DJs, radio presenters and stations host their content and connect to a global audience. Mixcloud brings together some of the world's best radio and DJ content in one place, helping listeners discover relevant, high quality content.

Mixcloud has attracted content from world leading DJs, festivals and radio stations - from Carl Cox, Moby and Above & Beyond to the Guardian, XFM and Channel 4. The company has also worked with some of the world's largest brands and advertisers, including Nike, BlackBerry, Diesel and Red Bull.

Reincubate Ltd

Aidan Fitzpatrickkay [dot] hammondattamba [dot] co [dot] uk ( )Twitter

Reincubate is a young technology, data and media company based in London. Reincubate publishes a number of desktop and web applications, including the iPhone Backup Extractor, BlackBerry Backup Extractor, awdit and the Keep Calm-o-matic.

Reincubate have repeatedly been first to market with backup recovery technology, and our software is used in organisations including The US Department of Justice, The Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center, The US Army & US Marines, The LA District Attorney's Office, GCHQ, the FSA and NASA."

Styloola Limited

Marco Ottolini Twitter 

Styloola is a gamified social fashion platform in which users challenge each other to define what is cool and become Fashion Icons. Users can discover and share clothes from stores around them, vote and get votes from our community to increase their StyleRank.

Styloola also provides a mobile solution to help shoppers navigate the streets in search of the perfect shoes or bag and for boutique owners to reach those eager shoppers who are nearby. With the information we collect we can offer Brands and Stores innovative ways to reach and interact with customers while they are shopping.

Write My Site

Emily Hill Twitter 

Write My Site is a digital copywriting company in London which helps clients publish eye-catching and exciting content on their websites, blogs and social media pages. All content is SEO-friendly and comes with a Quality Guarantee.

Write My Site also runs an Agencies Programme for digital agencies who need to supply affordable, quality content to their clients, without the hassle of dealing with freelancers or the expense of hiring in-house copywriters. Members of the programme benefit from special rates, a fast turnaround, and access to specialist copywriters for clients in sectors such as I.T., legal and financial services.

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