Let’s Talk East: Digital Mission to Singapore and Hong Kong

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Are you interested in expanding your digital business to the Far East? The massive growth in mobile, social networks, gamers and online businesses all across China and South East Asia represent a huge opportunity, but what’s the best way to find out more and harness this potential? 

Good question, glad you asked. It’s something we’ve been thinking about, too. Following the success of our Digital Missions to the US, we’re putting together plans for a trip to two of the key hubs for the region, Singapore and Hong Kong, during the last week of November 2011.

We’d love for you to tell us exactly what you want. Come along to our “Digital Mission Discussion: Asia” on Thursday 29th September from 6pm at the offices of our friends, Pinsent Masons. It’s a chance to find out more about the region and discuss the plans for the trip. 

We really appreciate your input into the planning process and it’s a massive help in making sure the mission will meet companies’ objectives. If you’re interested in hosting an event or sponsoring the mission, please come along, too!

So why the Digital Mission to Asia? Well quite simply because you told us this was an important market. Back in May we asked you where your global opportunities lie in regards to international growth and Asia, more specifically Singapore and Hong Kong were in the top 6 markets for expansion within the next year, and we can see why.

Singapore, the “digital port” of Asia is one of the most efficient and fast talking counties in the world. You can reach more then 3 billion people in under 5 hours flying time and have full access to the pro business environment which in hand attracts sizable foreign investment and business entrepreneurs.

Event planning is underway and the agenda is falling nicely into place but before we get too much confirmed, we want your input.

What are your objectives for the mission? Who do you want to meet? What types of business, brands and sectors are important for your business?

The trip will be taking place this Winter during the last week in November and will likely consist of a 3 days in Singapore and 2 days in Hong Kong, with the option to stay longer. 

The “Digital Mission Discussion: Asia” will take place on Thursday, September 29th at the offices of our friends, Pisent Masons near Liverpool Street tube station from 6pm. Whether you want to come on the mission this winter, come on a Asia mission next year, want to chat about options, be involved in the mission on a sponsorship side, be involved as a observer or just want to chat, everyone is welcome, come along and help us plan the mission future.

UPDATE: The results of the meeting have been written up in the blog post: Digital Mission: Singapore & Hong Kong Meetup: Discussions & Next Steps.

Photo (cc) AntTree