Your Guide to Hosting an Event for Social Media Week 2012

Plans for Social Media Week 2012 have well and truly started and some very exciting ideas have been flying around. Some events are already live in London and across the other 13 cities involved. Check out whats already planned for the week here:

Planning an event for Social Media Week can be slightly daunting. Where do you start? Do you have a panel session or a workshop? How do you invite people? Is there a hashtag for every event? Do you need to supply catering?

So many questions, so to help you plan and execute your event, along with hopefully answering all the questions you have, we've pulled together some guidelines to 'Hosting an event for SMW 2012'.

Please note that this is just a guide and we encourage you to get creative when thinking about designing your own event experience.

Included in the guide are hints and tips on:

  1. Selecting a Theme
  2. Choosing an Event Format
  3. Selecting Speakers
  4. Briefing your speakers
  5. Choosing a Location/Venue
  6. Event Scheduling / Registration / RSVP
  7. Registation
  8. Event (Twitter) Hashtag
  9. Promoting Your Event
  10. Producing Your Event
  11. Streaming Your Event

If there is anything else you would like covered or you have any questions on anything in the document. Please do drop a email to francescaatchinwag [dot] com or smwatchinwag [dot] com.

Social Media Week 2012 is going to be huge and we are really excited to have you all involved, happy event planning!

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