Google's Algorithm Update Favours Bloggers

Google has been working to increase the frequency of its indexing, so how does this affect your SEO?

We have seen Google indexing blog posts in under two hours over recent weeks which is fantastic news for fresh content like this. However, one of the cornerstones of the natural search algorithim has always been links to the page.

The speed of indexing causes a slight discord between the speed of content indexing and identifying links. With new pages being indexed, there is not always time to include back links, so we are starting to see Google weight post recency higher than back links.

So sites need to think about increasing the frequency of fresh content which lends itself to blogging or microblogging techinques. This does not mean every site has to become a blog, but by harnessing fresh relevant content through blogs (or microblogging), with relevant fixed content on the site, sites can look to achieve the best of both worlds for greater search visibility and returns.