If 2.0 was surfing, 3.0 is swimming.

The rise of web 2.0 and the sheer volume of user generated content and outlets [Facebook, Youtube etc.] has been leapt upon by 'savvy' marketers looking to surf the wave of interest and opportunity. For many this has been successful, but, like surfing, it has meant skimming the surface of content missing out on the actual context or meaning of the content.

Looking towards web 3.0, I believe it will not be as clearly defined as 2.0 [with its flag waving brands such as Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Blogger etc.] but a more intrinsic attempt to understand the conversations being had and attempt to join them. There have been attempts to do this already, from a PR perspective, or pure 'buzz marketing' stance, but these have usually been restricted to one channel.

The difference that 3.0 will bring is that the benefit of this knowledge and understanding will not [or should not] be restricted to 'social media' but will start to form a thread that will define the whole of digital [and eventually offline] marketing campaigns.

From surfing and skimming 2.0, we will be swimming in 3.0. From Google to Goggles!


Surfing is cool, swimming is

Surfing is cool, swimming is not. Recession is looming. Crime, social unrest & mental health problems will increase. Web 2.0 is extremely vulnerable to this potential increase in social polarities, services being built so far on trust & confidence. They will tested by such new conditions. A focus up to now has been on financial & data theft from these services. Recession will switch focus to user safety & regulation of personality disorder types. The beginnings can be seen with the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo merger. The proxy fight waged by Carl Icahn represents the Internet old-guard. Pioneers of the CD-ROM industry in the early 90s backed by pharmaceutical investment (Medline and Ovid Technologies). They developed the first modern search engines, NLM (Natural Language Mapping). When governments start to play a significant role in Web 2.0 it will be for medical and health reasons. I clicked on your post because I mis-interpreted your title's meaning. Surfing is cool, swimming is not. In my opinion Web 3.0 will be like swimming because is laborious and slow in comparison to surfing - by that I mean closely watched and regulated. As for your own definition, I suggest you read an old book called "Digital Literacy" by Paul Gilster. I still believe "Knowledge Assembly" is a valid approach to the online world and what you mean by swimming.

not unless some other marketing hype comes along...

Giving the internet a version number is so last year. Please stop it.