Start-Up Diaries: It's a Long Way Down to the Top [video]


Pitching is a nightmare. No error, plenty of terror, which is why we’re so impressed with Kate Jackson’s literal elevator pitch for her company, TableCrowd. She explains how it is done.

Pitching your business in usual circumstances is a challenge. I have sat with potential investors and partners chatting for hours about what we’ve done and the scope for the future.

To do it with ears popping and distraction everywhere made me step up my game but I had a blast with the guys from Tech City News and nailed it in one take.

It takes 30 seconds to drop from the 37th to the ground floor of the Heron Tower, and I cleared it with a second to spare.

The secret?

  • Keep it simple. I abridged what we do into a single sentence
  • Show how the site works, with a user example
  • A sentence to explain where the business is now
  • Brief outline of our vision for the future

 \\ Watch it here

Photo (cc) Mike Pearce.