Startup Diaries: TableCrowd goes to San Francisco

San Fran

TableCrowd is a social dining network where like-minded people can meet and eat. Kate Jackson is Founder.

Monday. Set up meetings, demos and pitches in San Francisco. Flying tomorrow with four days to make connections and learn the tech and fund raising scene in the Bay.

Wednesday. We made it to the semi-final of Vator Splash and watched 10 startups battle it out and face questioning from the panel. Words of wisdom from speakers including Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, and a host of VCs.

Amusingly, the after party featured a live band which stared some of the keynote speakers, well known VCs plus some very high-net-worth individuals with extremely creditable exits to their names. Everyone here lives and breathes startups.

On Thursday, Valentine's Day, attended Women 2.0 Conference at the Westin St. Francis hotel. 1,000+ women networking and listening to speakers from Facebook, Bing, and various VCs. A refreshing change from usual male dominated events!

Friday meant back-to-back meetings all over town. Everyone was accommodating and supportive of what I was doing and the introductions and advice flowed. An informative and useful trip with some valuable connections made to help TableCrowd on its journey. Next stop Manhattan as part of Chinwag’s Digital Mission.