Inside Digital Mission NYC: Huzutech

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Digital Mission went to New York from 1st - 5th November, along with 19 fantastic, UK-based digital companies.

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As part of the 'Inside Digital Mission NYC' series, each company was asked if they would like to go into a bit more detail and share their individual stories.

This mini-interview is with Craig Bedworth from Huzutech, based in Scotland.

What's your role within HuzuTech?

Business Development Manager 

What led to being involved with HuzuTech?

I was head-hunted for the position and immediately accepted because of the company's start-up nature, potential for generating revenue and cutting edge technology platforms. One look at the energy within the company made this an easy decision. I don't for one second regret getting involved with the company. 

Tell us a story about the mission...

Craig - huzutech

Being put in the same room with some serious players and decision-makers on the NY scene was absolutely priceless. The war stories and potential opportunities alone, made the mission a success for me.

The best part of the trip was being put into touch with one of NY's best networkers and I have already been able to tap into his network and vice versa. 

What is the best thing to come out of the Digital Mission for you?

A much better understanding of what it takes to break into the Big Apple and an understanding of the diversity, culture and business processes in NY.

The mission also meant that we were able to gain valuable exposure for the HuzuTech brand and products. Getting onto the right people's radars is the first critical step. The mission allowed us to achieve that.

Who was your Digital Mission superstar and why?

Sam was extremely helpful along the way and was great at introducing us to the relevant players on the NY scene.

The person I had the most time for was Christian Arno from Lingo24. All around nice guy, helpful, open and completely grounded. I look forward to staying in touch with him and seeing his business grow from strength to strength!

What's in the future for HuzuTech?

Huge expansion, from a product perspective and company perspective. Revenue generation is our core focus at the moment and building up our client base and the quality of our client base to a point that we're being contacted because of our great work and profile in the industry. All the signs are positive!

Craig's craig [dot] bedworthathuzutech [dot] com (email) // LinkedIn // Twitter.

HuzuTech's website // Twitter

Photo (c) Lauren Cotton