Inside Digital Mission NYC: Plancentric

HMS Daring

Digital Mission went to New York from 1st - 5th November, along with 19 fantastic, UK-based digital companies.

As part of the 'Inside Digital Mission NYC' series, each company was asked if they would like to go into a bit more detail and share their individual stories.

plancentric logoThis mini-interview is with Matthew Scherba from Plancentric, based in London.


What's your role within Plancentric?


What led to setting up Plancentric? 

Managing resources effectively remains a big challenge for small and medium sized business, as shuffling resources to deal with changing priorities, activities and unreasonable demands continually leads to missed deadlines and cost overruns.

We have always been involved in delivering projects and services, and understand first hand that most of the available tools available simply don't manage resources well.

We created Plancentric to make it easy and cost effective for SME's to better cope with constantly changing priorities, activities and unreasonable demands.  Accurate tracking of resource utilisation, costs and progress is seldom available to make decisions, but can make or break the bottom line.

Plancentric is a flexible tool that allows businesses to be more efficient, profitable and agile, through better control of resources, costs and task delivery.

Digital agencies, new media and software companies use Plancentric to eliminate manual spreadsheets and complex project management software to better manage the here and now, while flexibly planning for the future.

Tell us a story about the mission...

After the 60 second pitch on Monday evening at the British Consulate, a digital agency approached me for a demo of our Plancentric software. This certainly got things off to a good start!

What is the best thing to come out of the Digital Mission for you?

Networking, contacts and honest market feedback. Oh, and the visit to HMS Daring wasn't too bad either.....

Who was your Digital Mission superstar and why?

Sam for his continual efforts and dedication, and Colleen Gibney for her useful insight and vast market knowledge

What's in the future for Plancentric?

Doing for resource managment what Salesforce did for CRM.

Matthew's LinkedIn

Plancentric's website // twitter

Photo (c) Andrew Fawcett-Wolf