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Digital Mission went to New York from 1st - 5th November, along with 19 fantastic, UK-based digital companies.

As part of the 'Inside Digital Mission NYC' series, each company was asked if they would like to go into a bit more detail and share their individual stories.

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This mini-interview is with Danielle Dalkie from Waspit, based in London.

What's your role within Waspit?

Head of PR and Marketing

What led to you being involved with Waspit? 

I started as an intern after answering a Gumtree ad fresh off the boat from AUS!  Now I am full time and I really enjoy working here! In-house in a start-up is so exciting and dynamic, I am learning a lot about all aspects of business!

Tell us a story about the mission...

I nearly died...getting out of a taxi on the left side, a car drove past hit the taxi, its wing-mirror fell off but it kept driving.  I got out to look and the taxi door was all bent.  I basically just ran into the British Consulate. 

What is the best thing to come out of the Digital Mission for you?

For me personally, getting the attention of the ABC, going to their studios and building a relationship for future press...

Who was your Digital Mission superstar and why?

Carmen and Patricia from the UKTI were fantastic!  So passionate and involved in their roles, they went above and beyond organising the event and throughout the week.  It was also nice to meet professional women.

What's in the future for Waspit?

World domination!!  No...seriously we plan to launch in the US, and I am really focused on getting new users.

Danielle's LinkedIn

Waspit's website // Twitter // LinkedIn 

Photo (c) Kathryn Corrick


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