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Digital Mission went to New York from 1st - 5th November, along with 19 leading, UK-based digital companies.

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As part of the 'Inside Digital Mission NYC' series, each company was asked if they would like to go into a bit more detail and share their individual stories.

This mini-interviews is with Nathan McDonald from We Are Social, based in London.

What's your role within We Are Social?

I'm Managing Partner, which means I do a little bit of everything, from new business meetings through to strategy, coming up with creative ideas for our clients, staying on top of social media trends and keeping the office running smoothly. 

What led to setting up We Are Social? 

After more than 12 years working in digital agencies it was clear that social media was a major revolution in the marketing industry. My business partner Robin Grant and I had been talking about how blogs were going to change the world back in 2003, when we met at the digital agency Tribal DDB, so the time seemed right to start something up. 

Tell us a story about the mission...

No great stories but two things come to mind: 

One of my NY contacts who I invited along to the first event had met Sam when he pitched to her many years ago. In the same evening we randomly bumped into someone else we knew. 

I got a text from the sailors on HMS Daring at about midnight wanting to know if I was still out. I had just got back to the hotel so looked up a bar on Yelp and sent them there. The next day I was in the area so checked the bar out - apparently they had a great time in the bar.

What is the best thing to come out of the Digital Mission for you?

Being there for the whole week made it easier to arrange meetings, so I made progress with some potential partnerships that we're now working on. 

What's in the future for We Are Social?

An office in New York! 

Nathan's Linkedin

We Are Social's website // Twitter // Linkedin

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