What's Your Thing 2010? #WYT2010 : The Results


Over the last week, we've been collecting and curating significant digital 'Things' of 2010 through our website, and all your favourite social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). These 'things' were events, moments, launches, or technical developments within the Digital sector.

We received a fair few responses, and in no particular order, these our top 5 responses:

"Facebook reaching half a billion users. In my mind this shows what a huge gamechanger Facebook is as a part of the fabric of the internet. Massive geekystats here" - Charlie Cadbury, putITout

"SXSW - but more specifically, going as part of the Digital Mission and becoming part of the extended Chinwag family. A multi-layered community experience with innovation and collaboration evident wherever you look. Biggest single change in my professional outlook in over a decade." - James Mayes, TweetJobs

"The Death-Knell of IE6" - @eneon, via Twitter

"The use of the word 'hacktivist' in a Daily Mail headline about WikiLeaks.  Our work is done." - Bill Thompson, Freelance

"I'm afraid this is unashamedly personal, but then it is my thing. On 22 January, an Oxfam aid worker called Louis Belanger used some technology that we developed to broadcast live from a hospital in Haiti. It's an incredibly moving broadcast, you can have a listen here.

It's difficult to explain, but the reason it was so significant for me was that here was someone taking something we'd developed and using it to make a difference to the way he was helping people. The sort of moment that makes all the hard work worthwhile!" - John Duffy, Nemisys

And of course, we had to include our Chinwag response:

"For me, my 'thing' of 2010 has to be the inexorable rise of Facebook & the accompanying hoo-hah around marketing, privacy and data." Sam Michel, Chinwag

Thanks to everyone who took part.  We hope you had a great New Year and all the best for 2011.

Photo (cc) The Real Estreya