The Difference Engine 2011: Startups, Cash, Mentors. Deadline Monday

Engine by Bart73

The Difference Engine, a mentoring programme for digital businesses based in the North East of England, has opened its doors for applications. In fact, if you're interested, you'll need to hurry as applications close on Monday.

Do startups actually get to have weekends off? That's for another post! Companies that get through will receive an intensive thirteen week programme with high-profile mentors from both side of the Atlantic proffering their wisdom. Each team gets £5,000 plus £3,200 per founder to keep the wolves from the door during this period. 

It sounds like a great opportunity and having spoken to some of the companies involved being tucked away from the distractions of a lively networking scene and working closely with the other teams in the programme builds momentum for the startups.

...four of the nine teams have already raised investment funds and I have quietly confident that will be increase to five between now and the end of the year. One of the teams is currently considering an offer of £1m and one has relocated to Silicon Valley having received angel investment.

And if you want a little more insight into what you might be letting yourself in for, there's a video from The Difference Engine: Spring 2010...

Applications are via The Difference Engine website. The deadline is Mon 3rd October 2010.

Photo (cc) Bart73.