Final Call: List of Digital Internships

Ticking Clock by HauggenIn spite of job prospects for graduates looking bleak, there appears to be lots of opportunities in the digital sector to score some fantastic internship opportunities.

Roll up, roll up, we'll be publishing the list of programmes at the end of this week...if you'd like to include your company's programme/requirements, fill out the simple form and yes, it's all free, just something we're trying out.

Since putting the call out last week for digital intern programmes, we've had fifteen responses including overseas positions in Germany and Dubai.

This isn't the start of anything formal, just something to get a virtual ball rolling. It seems that there's a fair bit of interest in this amongst Chinwag's community, and something we're keen to support.

We'll keep you posted with developments, but in the meantime if you're after an intern, or know someone who is please spread the word.

Picture by Hauggen. Some rights reserved.



Internships and Work Placements Summer 2010 Published

The full list has now been published and includes loads of positions in design, tech, business and marketing. We're really chuffed with the response.

Now it's over to the recent grads and those looking for work experience to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Sorry, took longer than we anticipated, partly due to the success of the Digital Mission to SXSWi.

Coming soon...

Sorry, running a couple of days late on this as we're flat out with the Digital Mission stuff.

Hi - any idea when available

Hi - any idea when available positions will be posted?