Hire these people! SMWLDN volunteers are job hunting

SMWLDN Volunteers 2013

Social Media Week London is all about the people. This year with over 260 events and 20,000+ tickets booked it was bigger than ever.

Behind the scenes the Chinwag team swells in number as we do our best to tackle the avalanche of administration, emails, logistics and communications that SMWLDN brings with it.

This year we had an exceptional crop of helpers who supported us through what was, to put it mildly, a rather busy few months. We couldn’t have done it without them.

As a small token of thanks and because it can be tricky to get on to the career ladder in the digital industry, here’s a bit more about them from me and in their own words, what they're looking to do next.

If you’re hiring or know someone who is, you’d be daft not to drop them a line.

Matthew Sykes, Communications & Marketing
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Matthew SykesMatt says: I am looking for a position which will allow me to further develop my skills in communications and digital marketing. Producing engaging and thought-provoking copy, my aim is to create a sense of online community around a brand or organisation. My future role is one which encourages me to find creative new ways of undertaking the old fashioned art of conversation.

Sam says: Matt started working with us as a volunteer and was quickly taken on as a full-time member of our team. He was responsible for many of the newsletters, social coverage and blog posts that graced both SMWLDN and Chinwag websites under considerable pressure and ludicrously short deadlines. He’s a great communicator and has a real gift with words. And videos, as his guide to VIP pass booking demonstrates.

Patrik Wagner, Event Submission Manager & Venue Manager
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Patrik WagnerPatrik says: With my background in the events industry, and with academic experience in marketing topics, I would be very interested in furthering my career by taking a step into digital marketing and possibly by working in the digital division of a PR firm. I feel my ability to manage and interact with clients, sponsors and partners would be an asset in pursuing opportunities within these fields. Working within digital and tech industries would be ideal, as I am quite tech savvy and a geek at heart with a particular interest in gaming.

 Sam says: Patrik joined the SMWLDN as a volunteer and we quickly asked him to become a full-time member of the team. The main contact point for SMWLDN event organisers he dealt with the vagaries of the SMWLDN system, handling technical challenges, personally calling every organiser with his silky smooth phone manner. He’s calm under pressure, resourceful and particularly good at dealing with both clients and public and managed the official SMWLDN hub at Bloomberg.

Gaia Powell, Volunteer Manager & Event Submission Assistant
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Gaia PowellGaia says: I am looking to gain more experience within the Events industry, particularly Media/Tech themed events, I would ideally like to be working in a role similar to that I held during SMWLDN, Digital Shoreditch and other events. I believe the combination of my previous experience, my strong communication skills, my ability to prioritise a significant workload and solve problems both quickly and under pressure make me an ideal candidate for the Events Industry.


Sam says: Gaia started as a volunteer helping with the admin of the avalanche of events submitted to SMWLDN. She looked after the event submissions, speaker profiles and general logistics. It quickly became clear she’s super-capable and she joined the SMWLDN team full-time handling these duties and taking the role of Volunteer Manager, running a team of 40 handling registration, social media and venue management.

And thanks to all of the SMWLDN volunteers who helped out during the week:

For your other staff requirements, don't forget to check out Chinwag's recruitment site: Chinwag Jobs.