Introducing Chinwag Psych: Psychology, Neuroscience and Machines that Learn

Big data is big, obviously. It’s huge, in fact with the amount of information pouring out of social networks, ecommerce systems let alone those that run our ‘real lives’ the challenge of figuring out what’s happening is almost insurmountable.

This time last year we started to explore how the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and machine learning could help techno-numpties like me to apply some of this high-fallutin’ brain science to business. From influence to behaviour to understanding emotions, there’s plenty to take on board.

Chinwag Psych was born, bringing together the leaders in this emerging world where academia and business combine in large part powered by digital and social media.

From a series of panel sessions to a half-day conference, it’s clear that this science is going to revolutionise media, marketing and business.

Psych launches with a series of blog posts (helpatchinwag [dot] com (drop us a line) if you have a case study of research you’d like to include), a full-day conference in London on May 9th and a US conference this Autumn (Fall, for our American friends).

We’re also delighted to announce, Web Psychologist Nathalie Nahai as Psych’s Editor-at-Large. Nathalie’s book Webs of Influence is a terrific guide written in plain English with plenty of examples and we’re looking forward to hearing lots more from her.

It’s early days in this area with dramatic advances in technology, science and the application of these. Our aim is to find the juiciest morsels that can be applied in the business world and bring them to you. One of the things we’ve learnt is that sharing fires the brain’s pleasure centres and we’re keen to find the best and bring it to you through the blog and the events.

Our plans include linking up with leading academics to shine a light on the ground-breaking research that’s hidden away in the lab and explore the practical uses, particularly for media and marketing. Think startup pitching for the best academic research, curated for you.

From the business perspective, the possibilities are tremendous whether it’s understanding consumer-focused behaviour and influence or appliance of science inside the firewall for digital transformation. 

The last couple of Trust tickets for Chinwag Psych London are available, if you fancy coming along, save 80% if you grab one before the programme is announced.

Naturally, we’ll be all over social media, you can keep tabs on Psych via @ChinwagPsych, Chinwag Psych on Facebook and for those keeping it ‘old school’, there’s the Chinwag Psych newsletter.

And of course, we want to hear from you. What would you like to know? Want to share case studies, research or techniques? helpatchinwag [dot] com (Drop us a line).