Social Media Week London - Latest List of Events, Over 70 of Them

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UPDATE: A more recent list of events that still have availability has been published here.

When we started the shenanigans that is Social Media Week London (Chinwag is the lead organiser), we estimated there'd be a maximum of 70 events with about 5,000 people attending. And we'd probably had a drink and were feeling ambitious at the time.

Yesterday, we breezed past the 5,000 RSVP mark for registrations at events across the week and the number of events (and believe us, it's tricky keeping track) passed the 80 mark.

Some of the events are full, and others filling up quickly, so one of our volunteers (thanks Anne) went through the whole list to find all of the events that still have space available.

Peruse the list below and click on the links for further info. If you're going to come along, please do RSVP to give the event organisers an idea on numbers. Any questions, the quickest response is via @smwldn. Hope to see you at some of the events...

Featured Events

Apps Go Social - *SORRY, FULL*
Scott Room, The Guardian- Mon, 7th Feb - 12pm - 2pm
The apps market is going from strength to strength, with brands dominating the space, the next generation of apps are becoming increasingly socially integrating. Join our expert panel including Nokia, Grapple, Mobile Entertainment and GlobalWebIndex. RSVP
Sponsored by Nokia & GlobalWebIndex

Social Telly: from Campaigning to Commentary to Community Building
The Design Council - Tue, 8th Feb - 12pm - 2pm
Social Media and TV have been working together for a while to increase and extend conversation and interaction around programming content, from campaign to commentary to community building. RSVP
Sponsored by Conversocial

The Future of TV Advertising: Keeping it Social
The Design Council - Tue, 8th Feb - 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Social TV offers the promise for advertisers to combine the quality content and wide reach of broadcast TV, with the engagement factor of social media. What are some of the opportunities that Social TV will bring to the table? Join our panel of brands, agencies and analysts to explore what the new social world means for TV advertising. RSVP
Sponsored by Fundamental Amp and JWT

From Silicon Roundabouts to a Silicon World Over Breakfast
The Design Council - Wed, 9th Feb - 9am - 11am
How can social media help build an international brand? What is the best way of conveying your brand values? Can you stay local and export globally? Learn from the experts who are at different stages of developing their international brand. Join us for breakfast and explore how to use social media to develop your international business. RSVP
Hosted by UK Trade & Investment

Game On! Games and Brands
The Design Council - Wed, 9th Feb - 12pm - 2pm
Traditional games companies are embracing social media, social gaming market is set to hit over $1bn this year and brands are combining game mechanics and social media to drive campaigns. Join the discussion with experts from Wired, JWT London and Nokia. RSVP
Sponsored by Nokia & JWT

The "Friend" Close: Social Sales
The Design Council - Wed, 9th Feb - 2.30pm - 4.30pm
From lead generation to closing sales, how has the sales process been affected by social media? From peer to peer recommendations to group buying to online stores, learn our expert panel including speakers from Groupon, Tribal DDB & YouTube. RSVP
Hosted by Chinwag

The Social Web - Have We Arrived?
The Design Council - Thu, 10th Feb - 9am - 10:45am
Meebo will lead a discussion on the changing definition of the “Social Web.” This conversation will explore whether the Social Web has truly arrived, how people are currently using it and more... RSVP
Hosted by Meebo

Social CRM: Building Customer love <3 - *SORRY, FULL*
The Design Council - Thu, 10th Feb - 11.30am - 1.30pm
An exploration of this emerging field with case studies from the leading practitioners in the UK and a discussion about best practice for working with social media and CRM with an expert panel incl The Body Shop, NixonMcInnes, Nokia & Reputation Online. RSVP
Sponsored by Nokia and NixonMcInnes

Social Media Showcase: The Future of Social Search
Microsoft UK, Victoria - Thu, 10th Feb - 3.30pm - 6pm
The future of Social Search will be investigating how Search and Social Media fit together, influence one another and how Facebook Advertising will be the next big thing. Speakers will include I Spy’s CEO, Jim Brigden, Facebook and Microsoft. Invites available, see website for details. RSVP
Hosted by I Spy & Microsoft Advertising

Myth Busting: The Reality of Working in Social Media - *SORRY, FULL*
The Design Council - Thu, 10th Feb - 2.30 - 4.30pm
We will hear from 4 people, working in senior roles in social media, about the reality of their day, the role they have and the work they do for their clients. Join Propel London and a host of industry experts busting the myths that surround working in social media. RSVP
Hosted by Propel London

Measuring Social Media 2011
Scott Room, The Guardian - Fri, 11th Feb - 10.45am - 4pm
This session combines Ask the Experts Clinic, panel session and case studies exploring the current metrics with insight what's around the corner, a networking lunch followed by one-on-one expert sessions with Market Sentinel. Meet experts from Market Sentinel, Brandwatch, GlobalWebIndex, Synthesio, Visible Technologies and more. RSVP
Sponsored by Market Sentinel

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