Thinking Digital Conference Videos Online

Thinking Digital Conference Videos

My annual trek to the North East for Thinking Digital is always a treat. Organised by Herb Kim, recently named #83 in the MediaGuardian Top 100 and his team at Codeworks, the event promises much and delivers.

The event takes place in the futuristic surroundings of Newcastle's re-developed quayside using the photogenic Sage and Baltic venues and features a wide range of speakers from tech-heavy to the unexpected.

The videos from this year's event have just been published on their website. My favourites...

Christian Payne (aka @documentally) on social media and sharing, Jonathan Drori on 25 ways to scupper a relationship with government, Rory Sutherland on sweating the small stuff and Louis von Ahn talking about founding ReCaptcha and its acquisition by Google.

The dates for Thinking Digital 2011 have also been announced with a special offer of £299+VAT over the Summer. The event sold out last year, so worth grabbing them early.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for blogging our new videos. We think they're our best ever and hope you and your readers enjoy them!

Look forward to seeing you soon and working on #TDC11. We are hugely appreciative of the support you guys have given Thinking Digital since its birth in 2007. Great that Ben got to come along this year too. Always a pleasure to spend time with you both