Top 100 Brands: Apple Overtakes Google, China on the Rise

Cycad Apple by Josh Work

Google might have overtaken Apple in the battle for mobile operating system dominance but in the war of brands, Apple's the new number 1 according to sixth annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study.

Up 84% on last year's value Apple takes the top slot with a brand value just topping $153m, with Google relegated to second place at $111m. Brace yourself brand pickers, here's the top ten:

  1. Apple  $153bn  (+84%)
  2. Google $111bn (-2%)
  3. IBM $101bn (+17%)
  4. McDonald's $81bn (+23%)
  5. Microsoft $78bn (+2%)
  6. Coca-Cola $74bn (+8%)
  7. at&t $70bn (-)
  8. Marlboro $68bn (+18%)
  9. China Mobile $57bn (+9%)
  10. GE $50bn (+12%)

Tech brands make up a third of the top 100, with Facebook making is debut in the top 100 at 35, with a brand value increase of 246% with a value of $19.1bn. In another sign of the digital world's growing strength online retailer Amazon's brand passed Walmart to become the number 1 in retail with a brand value of $37.6bn.

This year, 19 brands come from emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) markets compared to two in 2006 and 13 in 2010, most notable are Chinese search engine Baidu and internet portal, Tencent.

And there's likely to be many more to come with some predicting a gold rush of Chinese internet IPOs on the horizon.

Photo (cc) Josh Work.