Which $Billion Tech Giants Are Profitable? Fewer Than You Think [infographic]

Which tech giants are profitable?

Twitter's successful IPO values the company in the billions before it turns a profit. Nothing new here for a tech stock, although unsurprisingly there's plenty of commentary.

Pandodaily writer David Holmes posted an infographic that analyses 12 of the leading tech firms and their profitability over the last 10 quarters. Only half at any quarter are profitable.

The results beg the question, whether the goals of these firms' IPOs and the VCs that back them is to create a financially tradeable asset, or sustainable businesses? Lee Bryant's write up of The Capitalist's Dilemma provides some more food for thought.

Here's the full infographic, click on the image for the full-sized version.

Are The World's Biggest Tech Companies Profitable? via Pandodaily

Source Pandodaily by David Holmes. Infographic by Simran Khosla.