The evolution of on-demand TV: Digital designers cash in on Project Canvas

Television by *USB*

Project Canvas, a partnership formed by some of the biggest names in broadcasting and digital, has recently received its backing from the BBC trust. The project could change the way in which commercial entities communicate with consumers and the scope for digital content development and interactive services could be huge. So how can digital designers attempt to capitalise on this new venture? And how will it change the market place?

What's it all about?

Channel 4, ITV, Arquiva, Talk Talk and BT are all on board for what its stakeholders and the press are calling the evolution of internet TV. The scheme will introduce a set top box branded as ‘You View’, which will enable viewers to fully engage with their TV sets and the internet simultaneously. On demand services such as BBC iPlayer, and 4OD will still be available and viewers will also be able to bounce back and forth from live feeds, archives and comment via fully integrated social networking sites at the same time.

Digital content creation with a new edge

 What is perhaps more interesting though is that Canvas has the potential to open up the market entirely in a commercial sense, so it’s likely that companies are already starting to develop new devices in order to cash in quickly, ready for the 2011 launch. I'm already working on some roles in this area at the moment and this will only increase as we approach the launch date. As with social networking and mobile, interactive TV will open the doors to new career opportunities and the option for designers to specialise.
Digital designers cash in

Companies thinking ahead will be looking to put together teams in order to specialise in this area, as most do already with other forms of digital media. To make sure you're ready for the revolution, get started on expanding your flash and HTML skills. Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and make sure you're designing with all media in mind, thinking about how it can work effectively and cohesively together. With Google TV launching in the US later this year and project Canvas set to launch in 2011, its only a matter of time before everyone joins the bandwagon.

Photo (cc) *USB*.