iPhone Developers Fall Short of Demand

iPhone apps/cupcakes Flickr imageWe all love our iPhone apps. How did we possibly live without them?

There are green ones, dating ones, financial ones and ones that can even teach your kids how to read. Even the free ones can let you do a background check on a blind date and give you a turn at playing God.

So far the number of iPhone apps downloaded is sitting at a mind-blowing 2 billion. We're downloading from the app store at a rate of 6.6 million every day and the market is worth an estimated $2.5 billion US dollars each year. That's quite a hunk of cash.

Even with Android and BlackBerry adding to the mix Apple is still king, with a monstrous 84% share of the app store market. But who is building all these apps?

Leading digital marketing recruitment firm Major Players have seen a 350% increase in the number of iPhone developers on their books over the past year. It might seem like a lot but this only makes up 15% of the total candidate pool.

Supply is most definitely struggling to keep with demand. As agencies scramble all over each other to get their hands on the most experienced developers, what better time to start brushing up on your app development skills and start working in a sector that's desperate for an influx of qualified people.

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Picture courtesy of nickbilton. Some rights reserved.