Less Women Applying for Social Media Jobs in the UK

Chanel Union Jack bagThe US picture may be bleak but are British women really as worse off as women in the States when it comes to social media salaries?

We got in touch with a UK-based social media recruitment company to find out if we really have anything to worry about.

According to Emma McNamara, Managing Director of recruitment firm Propel London, there are just more men applying for the roles at the outset:

"We have experienced more male applicants for the roles, however have not seen any gender preference from clients or differences in salaries offered. I think it really depends on the community involved and the candidates overall experience."

Obviously the hiring salaries are the remit of the hiring companies not the recruitment middle men. But the crux of it is that if less women are actually applying for the roles it follows that they won't reap the benefits of the better salaries.

As social media roles are fastidiously introduced into the corporate world it's also natural that the men in suits, further up the ladder, would be the obvious choice for a "related but different" position. As the female social media uptake rates experience at an unprecedented rate, 75% in the Sates, it's a strange paradox.

It may just come down to something as simple as the timing; it takes time for those new flourishing uptake rates to transfer to actual job applications. 

Share your opinion. Do you think women are under represented in social media?

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Less women?

Or fewer women?

The men are better bulls****rs

The truth is there is a real shortage of people who are actually really good at this, as opposed to those who pretend and claim to be good. Perhaps the women are just being more honest and not applying for posts because they don't think they've got the experience and knowledge, whereas some men are just going for it regardless.