Your Guide To Psych London Speakers So Far

Psych London takes place on 15 May at the Museum of London, and it's attracting many excellent expert speakers...

Dr Aaron Balick
Aaron Balick, PhD, is a registered psychotherapist with a special interest in the 
application of psychotherapeutic thinking to culture, especially social media and technology. He is an honorary lecturer at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex, in addition to teaching and training across several universities and clinical training organisations.

"I strongly believe that the amazing ideas within the world of psychology should not be limited to the consultation room or the university", he explains. "I am committed to sharing these ideas in a way most people can understand."

Aaron does this by providing mental health expertise on BBC Radio One, in blogs and in books including The Psychodynamics of “Social Networking: Connected up instantaneous culture and the self”.

André Morys
André Morys, is the author of the German best-seller, “Conversion Optimierung” and Co-Founder and Chairman of Web Arts, one of the leading consultancies for website optimization whose customers include renowned national and international online retailers, financial services and brand manufacturers.

André is also a university lecturer for User Experience, and blogger and publisher at, as well as organiser of the Conversion and Conversion Summit Camp, an annual conference on marketing optimisation.

Bart Schutz
Psychology is the family business, so Bart Schutz scrapped his plans to study physics in favour of consumer psychology.

He is now a passionate psychologist, ‘Persuasion Practitioner’ and ‘Cerebral Conversionist’. He is one of the few leading voices to have both academic, strategic and hands-on experience in engineering online persuasion, founding and working as Chief Persuasion Officer with Online Dialogue.

Brian Massey
Brian Massey is a Conversion Scientist™ and founder of Conversion Sciences, a website designed to fill the web with helpful, engaging and entertaining sites that converts visitors into sales. He’s aided dozens of businesses to transform their sites through visitor profiling, purposeful content, analytics and testing by making the user feel the website was built just for them.  

He authors The Conversion Scientist blog, and has written for, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and the Content Marketing Institute. He lives and works in Austin, Texas where life and the Internet are hopelessly entwined.

Craig Sullivan
Craig Sullivan has been blending Psychological techniques, UX, Analytics, Split Testing and Conversion Optimisation since 2006. He’s also been building teams, launching products and hacking the growth of websites for companies like LOVEFiLM, John Lewis and Waitrose for nearly 12 years.

You can find him tweeting from @OptimiseOrDie on all sorts of topics, including Neuropsychology, Mobile tech and Persuasion. Craig’s knowledge, engaging presentation style and practical tips make him a highly sought after speaker.

Nathalie Nahai
Nathalie Nahai is a Web Psychologist, PsychMatter’s Editor at Large and best-selling author of ‘Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion’.

She coined the term ‘web psychology’ in 2011, defining it as ‘the empirical study of how our online environments influence our attitudes and behaviours’. Nathalie is the founder of the Institute of Web Psychology, which helps businesses apply scientific rigour to their design and decision-making processes, to achieve better engagement online. She lectures internationally on the subject of web psychology, and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and SMEs.

Dr Paul Marsden
Dr Paul Marsden is a psychologist specialising in consumer psychology, innovation and technology and a popular conference speaker on consumer trends and digital innovation. His PhD in media psychology focused on the role of the media in copycat phenomena (‘social contagion’).

Paul works with Unique Digital as a digital strategist. He is the former managing editor of the Journal of Memetics, and co-founder of Brainjuicer Group PLC. He is also author of Connected Marketing and The Social Commerce Handbook, and runs the digital marketing blog, Digital Intelligence Today.

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