Panels Tea and Texas

It has been a busy couple of days for the Digital Mission companies here at South by South West. These are just a few highlights from the last 48 hours, much of which has centred around Stand 413 on the Exhibition floor, where the the companies have been meeting with the press and SXSW visitors.

Saturday had the Brits flying the flag, wearing T-shirts with the Digital Mission logo and their Twitter IDs. It turned out to be a great way to connect with Twitter followers from both sides of the pond.

The day started with the Transatlantic Troubleshooting panel, featuring Aleks Krotoski of the Guardian, Stewart Townsend, of Sun Microsystems, Nigel Eccles of Hubdub, Mike Teasdale of Harvest Digital, and  Mike Butcher of TechCrunch. It was well attended, with a very interactive Q&A session. You can read a write up from Jemima Kiss in The Guardian.

The rest of the day centred around the Digital Mission stand, where Mike Butcher, Paul Carr and others joinined the companies.

A number of the companies were interviewed on camera by the BBC - UK firms fly flag at Tech show and Four pioneering web innovations.

Even the Twitchhiker stopped by on his mission to get to New Zealand, and Elvis showed up, alive and well. Photos are making their way on to Flickr.

The evenings are a rolling roster of networking events. Newer visitors to the US will have figured out that it is best keep your badges and photo ID with you when you're out networking; you'll get carded even if you're in your 30's (or 40's).

Sunday saw the stand playing host to Tuttle in Texas. There was a big crowd and a massive buzz, with tea and coffee on tap.