Industry confidence, shaken and stirred?

Too early to say? Despite the doom and gloom being espoused by the traditional media, there's few signs (yet, thankfully) of the digital sector catching the jitters. From informal chats, it appears that watch and wait is the order of the day.

Handily, for a little more scientific rigour, we now have Chinwag's Digital Pulse sponsored by Gabriele Skelton to put a specific number on the general confidence within the industry. Our number-cruncher, Amy, will be working her magic over the next few days and the results will be out mid-month.

Taking part couldn't be easier, there's a very short survey, which takes about 20 seconds to fill out, honest. For each completed response, we'll make a donation to charity - we're just working out which one at the moment. The results will be published as soon after the end of each month as the data's been whipped into shape.

April's Digital Pulse is now open, so why not give it a whirl now?