It’s a treasure map but not as we know it

Ok it’s official. I’ve tried to deny it, talk myself out of it but I am indeed a geek. It’s true. Hey, it’s cool to be a geek. I would even go as far to call it chic. Geek-chic.

Anyway, I found this cool little map. Created by net-comic XKCD it’s a bit like a pirate’s treasure map. It’s all parchment and calligraphy and looks like it’s weathered years in a dusty chest under the sea.

Each network is a country and the size of each country represents the amount of members in each network. Still following?

It’s all in the details here with little asides and in jokes. I love the compass at the bottom left. Instead of the north/south points there is intellectuals/practicals. The “internet” is the east point or you can choose the “reality” of the western point. Genuis!

Sitting in the gulf of Youtube is myspace – the size of north America. Last fm, flickr, and deviantart sit together in the strait of web 2.0 on an island of file sharing. Love it!

How could we have forgotten about those first social networks friendster, and They’ve been relegated to the icy northern tundra. It’s a witty picture of how things have changed over the years – clearly a lifetime in the world of web 2.0. Social media - you’re oh so fickle.