Thinking Digital, 25% ticket discount

Thinking Digital, May 21-23, Newcastle - use code CWAG for 25% discountAs you can tell, we're getting excited about the prospect of bumping IQs with some of the big thinkers in the digital space. It's not often you get to hear Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey deGrey or Dan Lyons do their thang in person.

Chinwag has secured an exclusive deal with the groovy people at Thinking Digital (May 21-23 2008, Newcastle) to get a whopping 25% off the ticket price, down to only £450 per ticket.

To take advantage of this offer, use the code CWAG when buying a ticket online.

And if you're thinking Newcastle is a big ole schlep up from the South-East, bear in mind it's only 3 hours on the train and the East Coast line has passable wifi, so you need never be off-the-grid.

There's already a few Chinwaggers making the trip, so hope to see some more of you up there. Leave a comment if you're planning to head up.

Looking for accommodation? Codeworks have sorted out discount rates with lots of hotels local to the conference venue (prices from £80), visit their website for more information.