Piecing together the micro media puzzle

Mobisodes, music widgets, news via RSS. It seems companies are clambouring over each other to turn once new online services into the latest micro equivalent. What can we expect from all these rapid developments and what’s the next thing to turn “micro”?

On May 20th Chinwag will be hosting the Micro Media Maze event and the panel tackling these questions has now been finalised.

Neil McIntosh, the Head of Editorial Development for Guardian Unlimited will be joining the debate. Whilst at The Guardian, he has overseen the introduction and development of blogs, video and other innovative services. He’ll be joined by Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, author and entrepenuer. From the intersection of music, entertainment and technology Gerd’s been championing a user centred approach to music marketing for some time. His books The Future of Music and Music 2.0 have established him as a much sought after advisor and influencer in the music media space.

Myspace’s Mitch McAlister will bring the social network perspective to proceedings. In his current role, Mitch defines and leads European product strategy and architecture for Myspace. With over 8 years experience in the internet industry, his focus has been on product and marketing, specifically on the social media side of things. Previous roles included a stint at Universal Music Enterprises. He’s also an avid podcaster in his spare time, hosting Notes from the Underground.

Director of Havas Media Lab Umair Haque will be lending his expertise. Dedicated to next generation business strategy, his strategy lab Bubblegeneration studies the impact of new technologies, management and shifting consumer preferences on the businesses of tomorrow and the markets of today. Haque also contributed to Chris Anderson’s work on The Long Tail, is a discussion leader on Harvard Business School Online and is known for introducing many new ideas to the sphere of media business analysis including micromedia.

With daily hits punching above the 10 million mark Last fm have headlined the social music revolution and represent the successful face of widgetised content. Through file sharing, users wth similar music tastes are connected, can make personalised recommendations and create customised radio streams. Miles Lewis, their VP of Advertising Sales will put their view at Chinwag Live. In February this year the Guardian reported the massive extent to which Last FM is a disaggregated, widgetised service: “Last.fm has around 21 million users on the site every month, but estimates that a further 19 million people use its services indirectly through applications and widgets on third-party sites.”

Chairing will be Steve Bowbrick who’s a veteran of dot.com with thirteen years experience in web design, online marketing, technology strategy and capital raising. He currently consults for both large media companies (Channel 4) through to brands (King Of Shaves) and start-ups (Rememble).

With so many rapid developments happening in the race to go micro what better time to come along and take advantage of the expertise on offer. Bookings are now open so come and join us on the night!