UKTI's Autumn 2011 Trade Missions to USA and China: Deadlines to Apply Imminent

UKTI's Cyprus representative helping customers at Explore Export by UKTI

UK Trade & Investment, the government agency responsible for helping firms develop their export potential and encourage foreign investment has announced a number of trade missions taking place this Autumn.

The six trips include five to the USA focused on cloud computing, app developers, 4G, mobile communications and digital media. An additional trip to China is planned to coincide with the UK/China Internet Forum with the delegation led by DCMS Minister Ed Vaizey.

Further details of each of these trips with contact details are listed below. Please note: these missions are not part of the Digital Mission series, and are not organised by Chinwag.

USA: Mobile Mission to Silicon Valley (12-15 Sep, 2011)

This three-day trip gives mission delegates a chance to meet with key players in the Machine to Machine ecosystem and showcase the UK's excellence in wireless communication. The programme will include a series of meetings with strategic wireless players capped off with an optional day's participation at the Telecom Council Carrier Connections Forum.

Delegate Spaces: up to 15 companies
Cost: £666 (travel & accommodation costs extra)
Closing Date: 25th August 2011 

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USA: Multiplatform App Developer Mission SF (19-22 Sep, 2011)

Ths trip is a 4-day mission programme to help UK software companies and companies with mobile strategies meet Silicon Valley executives, industry leaders and peer groups.

Focused very much on development, the entry criteria asks for companies to "send your rock star developer to San Francisco to learn from the best, while showcasing your app(s)", as well as, "C++/Java and some GUI skills too". Companies should have launched at least 1 mobile app, or preferably more, with at least 1,500 downloads and 25 ratings (presumably positive!)

Delegate Spaces: up to 30 companies
Cost: £666 (travel & accommodation costs extra)
Closing Date: 25th August 2011 

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USA: 4G World Chicago (24-27 Oct, 2011)

This mission will centre on 4G World is the world's leading show focussing exclusively on next generation mobile networks, from infrastructure to devices, applications and contents. The show attracted over 10,000 attendees and over 130 exhibitors in 2010 and should be on the radar of all UK companies working in this space. The trip will allow UK companies to learn more about the latest industry trends and forge trade links - building on last year's success.

4G World is an ideal trade mission for companies working in: 4G backhaul and core convergence, LTE transition, towers, structures and infrastructure management, antennas, next generation devices, mobile os and software, small cell technologies, mobile enterprise applications and mobile commerce.

Cost: £666 (travel & accommodation costs extra)
Closing Date: 9th September 2011

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USA: Cloud Mission SF (24-28 Oct, 2011)

Ths is the second Cloud Mission to Silicon Valley. The Cloud landscape is becoming clearer, the PaaS market continues to expand, hybrid Clouds are a reality, and enterprises and governments are planning to adopt Cloud services beyond Dev & Test and for a range of their business functions. 

The 4 day agenda includes meetings with a selection of the following major vendors: Salesforce, Citrix, VMware, HP, IBM, plus local incubators, business environment advisers, strategists and peer companies and includes a 20% discount to FailCon on Monday 24th October.

Cost: £888 (travel & accommodation costs extra)

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USA: UKTI Mission to Ad:Tech NYC (7-11 Nov, 2011)

This mission to New York & Philadelphia. The mission will introduce UK companies to New York's online advertising & publishing market over a 4-day Group Programme with access on 2 days to the Ad:Tech Expo. The trip is designed for UK companies working in: E-Business, Retail Solutions, Search Optimisation, Mobile developers, Digital agencies, Web services, Data Analytics, Mobile Intelligence, E-commerce, Commerce solution, Enterprise Software.

Cost: £1,110 (travel & accommodation costs extra)
Deadline: 9th September 2011 

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China Digital Media Mission, (25-30 Sep, 2011)

This mission centres on the 4th annual UK-China Internet forum jointly organised by the UK and Chinese government with visits planned to Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. The trip include the chance for one-to-one meetings with Chinese uyers, group visits to Chinese digital media companies and network with government contacts from UK and China. The UK delegataion will be led by DCMS Minister Ed Vaizey.

Cost: £1,110 (travel & accommodation costs extra)
Deadline: 25th Sepember 2011

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Deadlines, deadlines

The deadlines for a couple of the US trips are listed for today - 25th August - even if they're full, it's worth dropping the organisers a quick line, as there's often a couple of last minute drop outs.

N.B. These aren't organised by Chinwag, so we won't be able to help with queries. We're planning an exciting new Digital Mission trip for this Winter to the Far East. Keep an eye on the newsletter and @digitalmission for more info.