Lifting the Lid on Social CRM - Chinwag Live: When Customer Service Goes Social [Event]

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Chinwag Live returns to London on Wed 5 Oct, 2011 with an evening session that explores what happens When Customer Service Goes Social, sponsored by Conversocial.

The impact of social media is having an increasing impact on the way organisations market themselves and interact with their customers. Conversations previously confined to phone or letter are now taking place publicly on Facebook, twitter and other social media channels.

Taking place right in the middle of National Customer Service Week our expert panel will look into the profound impact social media is having on how corporates interact with their existing and prospective customers. 

This poses a range of problems and opportunities for organisations:

  • How best to organise to deal with this new communication channel
  • How to manage reputation
  • When to kick into crisis mode
  • How to engage with customers
  • How to organise internally to best respond and take advantage of these channels
  • What metrics to use and what constitutes ROI

The opportunities to interact with a social audience also provide incredible insight. Firms are able to bring this feedback to many areas of operation including marketing strategy and product development. What’s the best way to monitor and correlate this insight and how can it be used to inform strategy? 

The challenges of interacting with a consumer audience are reflected in the difficulties being faced by firms in their internal communications. Staffing structures with established department silos are presenting significant barriers. How can an organisation best prepare to deal with these channels and deliver the speed of response consumers expect?

Join us as and our expert panel as we explore the social possibilities of customer service and there'll be drinks and snacks to help fuel the conversation and, of course, the networking!

Event Details

When: Wednesday 5th October, 6pm - 8.15pm  
Where: Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London (map)
Tickets: early-bird £25+VATBook Now


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Event Sponsors

Big thanks to our sponsors, Conversocial.

Conversocial is integrated social CRM and marketing software for Facebook and Twitter that provides advanced publishing, insights and comment management tools. Efficient cross-departmental workflow saves time and makes scalable conversation management possible. Using Conversocial’s collaborative platform, companies can interpret what their customers need, make better marketing decisions and deliver excellent customer service. 

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