Chinwag Announces Facebook Marketing Conference & Bootcamp - 5th/6th Oct

FACEBOOK(LET) Frontside by GOIABA - Johannes Fuchs

We're very excited to announce the first Chinwag Insight conference and bootcampChinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing taking place in central London on 5th and 6th Oct, 2011. And for the Chinwag audience, book early and save £100 - on the early-bird rates, too.

Facebook has an audience of over 30m registered users in the UK and 700m worldwide and with a multitude of channels and techniques to target them, what's working, what's not. The conference will look at case studies from Dell, Channel 4 amongst others as well as hearing from Facebook themselves.

Chinwag Insight: Facebook MarketingThe events delve into the practice and theory of getting the maximum return on investment from marketing campaigns using Facebook, whether that's defining strategy objectives, figuring out which tactics work best, understanding the metrics or planning for the future.

The conference (Thu, 6th Oct), packed full of case studies, top class presentations and speakers, panel sessions and interviews the day will provides a unique opportunity to learn from global brands, their agencies and carefully selected industry experts.

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What's Going to be Covered?

The conference includes a delicious lunch, refreshments throughout the day and a beverage or two, to oil the wheels of the post-conference networking at The Swiss Church in the heart of Covent Garden.

As well as the one day conference, why not join the ‘Introduction to Facebook Marketing’ bootcamp on the day before the conference, Wednesday 5th Oct for a practical introduction to Facebook Pages, Ads, Commerce and more.

Book NowEarly-bird ticket prices start from just £299 £199 + VAT and booking fee (save £100 off any ticket using the discount code 'chinwag').

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Photo (cc) GOIABA - Johannes Fuchs.