Korea's Top Tech Talent: Meet the Companies


In just over a week, we'll be joined by some of Korea's top tech talent, the winners of the Google Global K-Startup competition, in London from 5 - 9th November.

We know you'll be just as keen to chat with them as we are - so there's two opportunies where you can meet them: South Korea's Global K-Startups Pitch London (6th Nov) and Seoul2Seoul - An Evening of Networking for UK and Korean Startups (8th Nov).

You can sign up for both below, but first, let's meet the companies...

Brain Garden 

Kim Younghan, Developer, CEO - younghanatprosigner [dot] com

BrainGardenLearning vocabularly is tedious and it's hard to stay motivated when working along. With Brain Garden, learning English is fun and social, you can:

  • Learn new vocabulary and grow your "word garden"
  • Challenge and help yourf riends
  • Win daily contests
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Track your performance

Website // @BrainGardenGame // Facebook // Youtube (Demo)


Cho Hyun-Gu, CEO / Founder - hgatclassting [dot] com

classtingClassTing is an educational social media tool combining, serving not as an alternative but as a supplement to exisiting social network servies.

Our Class Smart Community makes it easy to share writing, movies, materials etc with classmates throught the ClassTing Class. Every day class notices are delivered immediately and accurately through the smartphone app and SMS messages. There's also a private counseling room with the smartphone app.

Students are able to request mentoring from a recommended list and can build a personal timeline of their school day memories.


FigtreeLabs / Whatugot

Jung Eui-Hyeong (John Jung) - mossgreen83atgmail [dot] com

figtreeWhatugot is an abbreviated form of "What have you got?" It's also a service enabling users to collect, promote, consume and find new interests. It's a fun service, not focusing on what users want to have, but collecting, managing and sharing the users own belongings, songs, movies, books, tourism spots and people.


Yong Jae Kim, CEO / Co-Founder - yjkimatknowre [dot] com
David Joo, COO / Co-Founder - david [dot] jooatknowre [dot] com

knowreKnowRe is an education technology company that develops adaptive learning applications for the web, tablets and mobile devices. KnowRe enhances the learning process by provding:

  • Students, parents and teachers with the most accurate assessment of an individual's strengths and weaknesses
  • The most personalised and effective adaptive curriculum
  • Gamification and social features that encourage the pursuit of learning via an engaging and motivating user experience

KnowRe believes that technology can serve to better the educational experience of every deserving student, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic boundaries.


Malang Studio / Alarm Mon

Young-ho Kim, CEO - papabearatmalangstudio [dot] com

malangMalang Studio rewards you for waking up, making everyday start in a special way.

When you hear an alarm, you associate it with a loud and annoying sound that wakes you up and forces you to get up. Our app make this otherwise unpleasant and mundane experience everyone has each morning a bit more pleasant and fun.

Website // Facebook

South Korea's Global K-Startups Pitch London

Tue 6th Nov, 6:30-8:30pm at Google Campus

It's pitch time. The winners of the Global-K Startup competition will be pitching their wares to a panel of judges from London's tech scene. Compare, contrast and learn about the startup scene in South Korea. Followed by drinks, nibbles and networking.

Seoul2Seoul - An Evening of Networking for UK and Korean Startups

Thu 8th Nov, 7-9pm at Kimchee, High Holborn, WC1V 6EA

What's the startup scene like in South Korea? What's it like to have 100Mbps broadband and high speed mobile access? What's the digital market like? Can you get funding in Korea? What are the opportunities and challenges?

Seoul2Seoul (OK, so we like a pun in a name!) is a chance to meet, network and chow down on some Korean BBQ whilst giving a chance for London and Seoul startups to share knowledge, swap stories and understand the ins and outs of the tech scene in each city.

N.B. Space is strictly limited and by invite only. Apply to come below and we'll let you know as soon as your space is confirmed.

Photo (cc) Ekke