Give your Facebook Page a boost with SEO hints, tips & advice from Distilled & Facebook

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In a collaboration with international online marketing agency, Distilled, Facebook have released their first video providing users with advice for optimising their Facebook Pages for search engines.

The video, "SEO for Facebook Pages" covers the basics on how businesses can optimise their Facebook Page for better ranking and more ownership of the search engine results page for keywords. Viewers are taken through step-by-step guides for a number of processes in building optimised Facebook Pages, followed by how to get links and likes. 


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Distilled also provide some hints, tips & additional resources for small business owners on their site including their "Protips for Content Creation and Link Building" and the below "5 Facebook Page Apps to get you started"

1. RSS Graffiti - Auto post your content from specified feeds (i.e. your blog) to your Facebook page, saving you time and spreading the reach of your message.

2. Static HTML: frame - Simply and easily create custom tabs on your page for free. If you know some HTML, CSS and Javascript then the world is your oyster!

3. Pagemodo - Create beautiful pages with no HTML knowledge required. Simple to set up and use, with a variety of free and paid options available.

4. Contact Form - Create better integration with your business and make it simpler for your fans to contact you straight from your Facebook page.

5. Tweets for pages - Avoid clogging up your wall with constant tweets, this app creates a separate tab to display your Twitter timeline.

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