Wisdom Wanted: Guest Blog on Chinwag


Ever fancied sharing your opinion on issues affecting the digital industry? Or writing about your experiences setting up overseas? Maybe you've done some research you'd like to share?

Well now is your chance, Chinwag are looking for guestbloggers - it's a brilliant opportunity to tell your company's story, share your experiences and knowledge and talk about what you're passionate about.

We'd love it if you were able to blog fairly regularly and we're particularly interested in those who would be interested in blogging about:

  • UK Tech Scene: current issues, top startups, new services / apps
  • Foreign Tech Scenes (US, Europe, the East etc): hints & tips on how to set up abroad, differences between business here & there, legal issues, market insights, incubator spaces
  • Digital in Creative Industries: fashion, music, art, culture, top startups, market insights
  • Online Psychology: research, infographics, top tips / pointers
  • Digital Recruitment: hints & tips, improving cv's / social profiles, finding jobs, career development within the industry

Not only will your post appear on our homepage, but it'll be shared on our social media networks and might also be used in our newsletters, reaching a grand total of over 50,000 people.

There are a few simple rules & guidelines, available here.

If you're interested, drop an email to matthewatchinwag [dot] com with a short summary about yourself, experience & preferred topics.

Photo (cc) Fabrizio Rinaldi