A Recap of Unique Digital at #SMWLDN: 'Chopped, Diced and Sliced' Live Onstage


This is a Guest Blog Post by Unique Digital.

On the 27th of September, Unique Digital showcased the new KETTLE® Chips social media campaign live at Social Media Week London.

'Chopped, Diced and Sliced' mirrored what is happening within KETTLE® Chips online social environment at an offline event, showcasing a 360 degree view of the planning, strategy, process and implementation of the new social campaign.

The first half of the event covered KETTLE® Chips social brief, new product launch and objectives giving you a taste of the entire process from the initial concept. This was followed by Unique Digital's creative response, media planning and new innovations within social media.

Simultaneously the official KETTLE® Chip Chef produced bespoke chips and dips for attendees to taste. The audience even had the chance to influence the recipes using Twitter. Using bespoke hash tags such as #SMWCHIPCHILLI, #SMWCHIPTOMATO and #SMWCHIPONION attendees were able to help craft the different flavours created by the KETTLE® Chip chef!

Presentations were held to show both brand and agency perspective by key representatives from both KETTLE® Chips and Unique Digital, whilst incorporating some social theatre bringing it quite literally to life!


A few of the attendee’s responses to the event:

At #SMWCHIP, probably the only place where you get digital strategy with homemade dip sauces and fantastic #KETTLE chips.


"Think of social media as currency, use the word of mouth" Great idea checkout Pop Shop!! #SMWChip #SMWLDN


Killer results with @adaptly Evergreen platform for Kettle Chips #smwchip


*tasty* samples are cost effective, watch the word spread - sweet chilli n sour cream #smwchip - you'll want to try! pic.twitter.com/BGAZx11V


Get your product into the hands of your potential customer and give them something to talk about! #smwchip #SMWLDN


Thanks #smwldn some good sessions this week. Best being #smwchip, tasty! (the case study wasn't too shabby either!) pic.twitter.com/GljOfGcI

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