5 Tricks To Get More Retweets [infographic]

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Quick Sprout, the digital marketing and social media hub, has released a useful infographic outlining the factors which influence the chance of retweets. Adhering to these guidelines will apparently boost the chances of your tweets being shared:

Making Use of Links

Including links in your tweets increases the likelihood of retweets by approximately 7%. If URLs are too long, use a shortening service such as Bitly.

Asking for Retweets

Although it may seem selfish, asking for retweets is one of the most efficient ways of increasing the amount you receive. Using the phrase “Please Retweet” has been shown to increase chances by nearly 40% compared to not asking at all.

Don’t Mention Yourself!

Only 1.5% of retweets will contain self-references. It seems people like to share tweets which can have an impact on a wider audience.

Include Hashtags

Trends are there for a reason! When applicable, try to include hashtags in order to increase the likelihood of people sharing. However, don’t go crazy. Try to strike a balance.

Tweet Length

The majority of retweets are 70 to 100 characters in length, which leaves room for hashtags, as well as mentions. Twitter is not the place for essays.

Timing Is Everything

The perfect time to tweet is between 12:00 and 2:00 PM on Fridays. The likelihood of retweets is highest on a Friday, and the lowest on a Sunday.

If you’re looking to expand your twitter presence, taking these points into account will help. All credit to Quick Sprout, who authored the infographic and created the guidelines. Give us a retweet and spread the word!

//View the original infographic here!

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