SMWLDN in Rewind: Through The Eyes of a Child, The Social Media World of 6-11 Year Olds


Taking place on Wednesday 26th Sept at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine, DOCO's Through the Eyes of a Child: The Social Media World of 6 - 11 Year Olds took the audience on a journey into the mind's of children and how they see and use social media.

Kids are inherently social and are very active on many social media platforms; therefore they are a hugely important part of the social media landscape. Platforms such as Facebook, Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin are arguably making a significant influence on the development of this first generation of social media users, yet this audience is isn’t often discussed and as such is not properly understood.

This discussion focused on what kids are doing on these networking sites, how and why they are so engaged with each other and the platforms, and looked at the psychology behind these behaviours. The event explored what we can learn from today’s generation and what implications these hold for the future.

Joining the discussion was a panel of experts including: Graeme Harvey (CEO & Co-founder at Tsumanga Studios), Tom Walker (Community Manager, Tempero) Marc Goodchild (Strategy Consultant & Converged Media Specialist at IpDipSkyBlue) and Maurice Wheeler (Strategic Planning Director, Doco London).

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