Chinwag Announces 'The Psychology of Online Influence' Conference, May 2012

Online Influence

Following on from the successful session during Social Media Week London, Chinwag is excited to announce a half-day conference, The Psychology of Online Influence taking place in central London in early May 2012, with tickets going on sale next week.

Big data provides ginormous quantities of information about user behaviour, analysing but interpreting this avalanche of information provides plenty of challenges for marketers. This event brings together the worlds of psychology, behavioural economics and statistical analysis to provide actionable insight.

Whilst ROI remains top of the agenda, raw analysis of the numbers only provides a top-line insight. The cream from this proverbial vat of data, is how people behave both individually, as a group and the dynamics of influence within these fluctuating groups. 

Building on the debate from the first event, this half-day conference provides a chance to delve into the area in more detail with an exciting line-up of experts from both academic and marketing worlds, bringing together theory and practice with plenty of time to quiz the speakers.

Further event information including speakers, programme and timings will be announced next week. To keep up-to-date sign-up for the free Chinwag newsletter and follow @Chinwag on Twitter.

In the meantime, why not check out a taster of what's in store by watching the video from this year's Social Media Week London session.

Call for Speakers

Got something to say? Want to contribute to the session? We'd love to lmacatchinwag [dot] com (hear from you).


Interested in reaching an audience of switched-on senior marketers? salesatchinwag [dot] com (Contact us) to find out more.


Ticket prices will start at £149+VAT with an extra special discount for registered Chinwag members. It's free to register, takes 2 mins and you can sign-up here.

If you're interested in bringing colleagues to the event, lmacatchinwag [dot] com (please contact us for special group rates).


Video filmed by Kinura at Social Media Week London 2012.

Photo (cc) ocean.flynn