Five days of Digital Mission at SXSW

digialmission-unionjack-120.gifSix months of planning, 100+ applications, 35 companies and heaps of logistics. The merry band of Brits that make up the Digital Mission is heading SXSWard. For live info, follow @digitalmission on Twitter.

So, if you're lucky enough to be in Austin, what's happening? Funny you should ask, here's a quick run-down. Swing by, we'd love to say 'hello' and there's a bunch of interesting people to meet and some ground-breaking products launched...

Digital Mission Expo Stand

Visit our stand at SXSW 2009

Saturday (14th March), Sunday (15th March), Monday (16th March)
Open from 12pm daily
Expo Hall, Austin Convention Centre (Map) - SXSW pass required

At the center of activities is the 400 sq. ft. Union Jack be-decked Expo stand - trust me, you won't miss it - complete with rolling demos filmed by our friends at and, importantly, high-speed Internet access. After all, 9,000+ geeks will do some serious damage to the average conference Wifi.

Pop by, hang out, chat, re-charge your laptop/iPhone/DS/<insert cool gadget here>, blog, we'd love to meet you. Look out for Texas Tuttle Club and the SXSW Block Party, both on Sunday 15th.

Panel: Transatlantic Troubleshotting, Getting into Europe

Saturday, March 14th
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Room C, Austin Convention Centre (Map) - SXSW pass required

The European market with over 500 million citizens is an enormous single market, with the UK providing a natural first-step for US companies looking to expand East-wards. After all, we share (pretty much) the same language. Challenging economic times mean the search for lucrative new markets is more important than ever. Quiz the panel and discover what it's like to do business in the UK and Europe, how to find partners, and stay gaffe-free. Get the skinny on the fast-moving tech, mobile and games scene.

The panel features:

Texas Tuttle Club

Tuttling at the Tuttle Club - ICA by Annie MoleSunday (15th March)
From 12pm-2pm - coffee, tea, pasties, fruit & great conversation
Expo Hall, Austin Convention Centre (Map) - SXSW pass required

The Tuttle Club, London's renowned weekly social media get-together is coming to Texas.

Every Friday morning in London, a loose group of people come together to talk and work around social media at London’s ICA. There are allied and similar groups in Brighton,Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle and Manchester and with so many of the Tuttle group in Austin, a gathering with like-minded souls from the UK and the US is planned with tea, coffee, pastries and fresh fruit to help the discussion along.

To find out more about the Tuttle Club check out the website and a video from one of the early gatherings. Keep track of the main protagonists in Austin via Twitter by following @lloyddavis , @benjaminellis and @freecloud.

SXSW Block Party

Sunday (15th March)
From 4pm-6pm - beer, soft drinks, chips & dips
Expo Hall, Austin Convention Centre (Map) - SXSW pass required

The Block Party, modeled after the popular pub crawl, is a new addition to the 2009 Trade Show. Talk with exhibitors in a festive atmosphere and enjoy complimentary appetizers and beverages including beers, soft drinks and some fine British Cheddar from Wykes Farm (tbc).

Great British Breakfast

hungry-for-networking.gif Tuesday (17th March)
From 10-12pm - networking with a traditional British fry-up
Old Pecan Street Cafe, 310 East Sixth Street, Austin, Tx 78701 (Map) - RSVP required

A great way to kick-off the final day of SXSW interactive, an international networking event, a chance to swap stories, meet the Digital Mission companies, press, investors and talk about all things interactive over a good ol' fashioned fry-up - British style.
RSVP: Sign up here and swing by the Expo stand to grab your ticket, or ask any company on the Digital Mission.


britbash.gif Tuesday (17th March)
From 8pm
British Music Embassy, Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto Blvd (Map) - RSVP Required

A bash to celebrate the close of SXSW interactive and the start of SXSW music. Come to the BritBash and see top Brit newcomers, Alice Russell, The Post War Years, The Webb Sisters and established Scottish stars, The Proclaimers.
RSVP now to get a free ticket


Other Brit Action

Anything we've missed? samatchinwag [dot] com (subject: Brit%20event%20in%20Austin) (Email), tweet or leave a comment.

[Pic courtesy of Annie Mole]