SXSW Panel Picker - Pick Me, Pick Me

SXSW 2009It's SXSW interactive panel picker time. Emails, tweets, instant messages and many other forms of digital hasselage are doing the rounds as those with panels available for picking pimp their wares.

The public get to rate and comment on the panels being put forward. The process gives the speakers and panel-meisters a chance to refine their offering and the Panel Picker votes make up 30% of decision-making progress.

This has to make SXSW's conference one of the most crowd-sourced around. This year, there's also the Digital Mission to SXSW, a follow up to the New York expedition which aims to help 40 UK companies expand into the US.

We're chuffed that members of the Chinwag gang have five panels up for consideration, and of course, it'd be a delight and a pleasure if you'd like to post a vote or two. As there's lots of people touting their panels, we thought it'd be handy to summarise the best panels from other Brits pitching their panels.

If there's any missing, do let us know and we'll get them added.

Don't forget to vote soon - the process is dead easy, registration takes two tics. The panel picker is scheduled to close today, Fri 29th Aug.

Chinwag Panels Proposed for SXSWi

SXSW Panel PickerFrankenstein's Brands
Panel Chair: Umair Haque, Bubblegeneration / Havas

SXSW Panel PickerThe Dark Side of Social Media
Panel Chair: Sam Michel, Chinwag

SXSW Panel PickerMy Ten Biggest Blunders: Adventures in Business
Presenter: Sam Michel, Chinwag

SXSW Panel PickerWeb 2.0 Too Much Or Not Enough?
Panel Chair: tbc, Alan Patrick, Broadstuff

SXSW Panel PickerVRM - the Consumer's Revenge
Presenter: Doc Searls, Berkman Center for Internet and Society

Brit Panels Proposed for SXSWi

There's certainly no lack of inspiration with plenty of panels to check out:

A Few Choice Panels Proposed for SXSWi

As there's so many panels proposed, listed below are some particularly juicy submissions, followed by general links to all panels proposed by Brits.

SXSW Panel PickerPuppets, Theatre and the Conflation of ’Successful’ with ‘Popular’
Presenter: Ben Metcalfe,

SXSW Panel PickerVirtual Goods and Achievements to Keep Users Happy
Presenter: Nikhil Bobb, Yahoo! Brickhouse

SXSW Panel PickerThe Elimination of TIme and the Challenges of Crafting a Mobile Service
Presenter: Priya Prakash, Flirtomatic

SXSW Panel PickerThe Future of the Internet and How To Stop It
Presenter: Jonathan Zittrain, Oxford University; Oxford Internet Institute

SXSW Panel PickerTuxedos, Whales, Dances: The REALLY Mobile Web
Presenter: Doug Campbell, The Tuxedo Travels

SXSW Panel PickerEverything in Moderation, Socializing in Excess
Presenter: Rebecca Newton, Mind Candy Inc.

SXSW Panel PickerOooh, That's Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)
Presenter: Paul Annett, Clearleft

SXSW Panel PickerWhat Do I Do With Myself, Now that the Economy Has Collapsed?
Presenter: Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction, Inc.

SXSW Panel PickerWalking the Tech Runway in Stilettos
Presenter: Mel Kirk, Aardman Animations

SXSW Panel PickerSocial and Nonprofits ROI: Case Study Slam
Presenter: Beth Kanter, Beth's Blog

SXSW Panel PickerSilicon Valley's Irrelevance in the Next Generation of Mobile
Presenter: Doug Richard, CEO of Trutap

SXSW Panel PickerHow Not To Be Evil (Even By Accident)
Presenter: Danny O Brien, Electronic Frontier Foundation

SXSW Panel PickerAre There Limits to FreeConomics
Presenter: Alan Patrick, Broadsight

As they say, vote early, vote often!