The War On Cookies Is Over: Cookiepocalypse Ends? [infographic]

The Cookie Law Summarised by Sitebeam

The war on cookies is over, or at least the rhetoric has been turned down a notch. Back in June when the ICO, who enforce the Data Protection Act, implemented the strictest interpretation of the law, their website traffic dropped 90%.

We dubbed it Cookiepocalypse. However, it looks like the war on cookies has just ended, or at least the ground offensive is over. On 31 Jan, they updated their website with the softer interpretation of the law which assumes implied consent.

Websites can set cookies without asking permission first, as long as they inform them the cookies have been set and how to zap 'em. Here's the updates summarised from the ICO website:

  • Cookies set on arrival to the site.
  • New cookies banner displayed. Banner explains that the website uses cookies and that cookies have been set, tells users they can change their cookie settings (via a new cookies page), or continue to use the site.
  • New ‘Cookies’ page (separate from our Privacy notice, but linked to and from it) to increase prominence of the information.
  • Users given clear, detailed information about the cookies set and how to manage them, and new buttons allowing users to delete or allow non-essential cookies.

For those that like pictures, and we do love an infographic, stats notwithstanding, the team at Sitebeam who also make the Cookie Consent tool have rather nailed it with their version. Insert tongue in cheek, read on...

The Cookie Law 2013 - Your Definitive Guide by Sitebeam

Hat tip: The stupid cookie law is dead at last. Infographic (c) Sitebeam.