Track and Yield: Get Wise and Analyse, says Decibel Research

Putting pieces together

Want a visually appealing, well structured, content rich website? Tick.

Want to analyse its performance? Not so much.

That's the finding from our recent research, which shows that 41% of people are changing website content weekly; yet only 14% actually track what content generates the most conversions. 

Just one in five use sophisticated data, such as user experience and website journeys, to build a business case for website investment – and 15% base these decisions on their gut feeling.

There seems to be a real lack of understanding about web analytics. Perhaps it's perceived as complex or people are unsure which software to choose and what to do with the data generated.

The reality is far from this. With so many people relying on the web for sales lead generation, subscriptions and brand visibility – and marketers needing to show ROI - analytics isn’t a nice to have but a necessity.

It need not be complicated and a marketer should be able to capture relevant information that monitors against their business goals and provides actionable data, whether that is to take to the Board to ask for investment or to validate website performance. The promising news is that 43% of respondents expect their investment in analytics to increase over next year.

A new breed of intuitive yet affordable web analytics platforms now gives brands the insight to understand which customers are most valuable, to idenitfy the most attractive content or boost a sale, and to be able to view a customer through the funnel. 

Marketing budgets can be better targeted as a result. Anything else is simply working in the dark.

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