SMWLDN Global Keynote 'Freedom of Tweet: Censorship, Governments, Marketers and The Law'

Did you happen to catch the Social Media Week London 2012 Global Keynote event? You can now watch it here!

'Freedom of Tweet: Censorship, Governments, Marketers and The Law' features Kathryn Corrick conducting a live interview, discussion and Q&A session with Mark Stephens CBE, one of the UK's leading legal minds, a veteran of Wikileaks & Hackgate, reknowned for his take on global freedom of speech and censorship.

Hear insight on

  • Commercial guardian of private data: Facebook, AOL & the implications for the future
  • The law of unintended consequences and knee-jerk legislation: Digital Economy Act, SOPA, PIPA
  • Social media in the court room and its impact on the relationship between jurors, judges, lawyers and reporters
  • The criminalisation of speech around the work, free press and the impact on journalists and publishers.


Head to the event page for more information.

Filmed by Kinura, Photo (cc) alisolook1993